Life Without Romance:Better or Worst?

Seriously,getting involved in a relationship is merely inevitable.Particularly,a huge amount of us spent our time in a committed relationship,for the one who is single;how to get into a committed relationship or if you are not ready to be committed;how to get start on an action.

Do we really need romance?Is it true if you’re in a relationship,you will or maybe feel a high level of sangfroid,(oppz,I might be wrong based on personal experience =P).I do not know if you guys ever had a thought of it;as though I had before.Well,the thought of it tickled my mind a couple of minutes ago when I was going through few other blogger’s page.


What would the world be like without romantic love?

♦ No more divorce

♦ No more heart breaking issues;cheating perhaps

♦ No more love movies,no more romantic scene

♦ No more reasons for women to surfer from starvenes

♦ Fewer people will be interested in having sex although this is not strictly speaking true

♦ Fewer people will suffer from depression due to loneliness

♦Less understanding ‘homo sapiens’ will be formed;relationship teaches us to be understanding aint?

♦ Less amount of time wasted trying to find the perfect someone. (Perhaps more energy spent on solving global poverty, though that might be too idealistic on my part)

Its weird right?Life will be pretty bored without romance.You can just list down things than will happen without romance in your life.I cnt imagine myself totally living without a romance in my life that will eventually make me end up in a situation where i might turn out to be a nut!!( Perhaps i’m relaying too much on my boyfriend or maybe no).Thinking a lil bit out of the box,we need romance for the sexual reproduction process right,to help inherit the genes to the future generations! So, it’s a total crap if we ever think that we’re able to live a life without romance..If we really don’t need a relationship,than why do god ever want to create gender known as MALE and FEMALE?


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