SLUTS is a term for a person who is deemed sexually promiscuous. The term has traditionally been applied to women and is often used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement.Most of us out there having the same mindset;seeing sluts from the negative perception.After going through few blogs,i came up with the conclusion that sluts are ‘a bunch of groups’ out there,who are sexually active;having a random sex with many guys,although this is not strictly speaking true(it’s just a point of my view).But never once it ever crossed my mind why are these sluts having the “SLUTISH” behaviour?


they think sex if fun and they love doing it

they don’t have a panache or merely can be said having a very’ low self confident’

they are trying to fill an “emotional void” due to lack of love;probably for the ‘love failures’,than this reason will suit them well.

having sex with someone gives them the opportunity to pretend they’re important to someone, even if it’s just for a couple minutes

they just have sex with a lot of people because that’s what they want and they go for it.

they are pissed off with some issues and they end up letting themselves to be used mercilessly by men due to their stupidness.

There is a lot of reason for “slutish” behavior. So it’s hard to generalize them all together. I know some pretty happy sluts. And some pretty unhappy sluts. It depends on the situation.Personally i believed,if you dont want people to label you as a slut,than dont behave like one.KEEP UR LEGS CROSSED….



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  1. The Runmaster
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 09:52:01

    I’m a guy who has a neice who went out clubbing and banged several guys on the dance floor …. I guess it was that kind of club. I don’t know why she did it or what she got out of it but it’s been family knowledge for some time that she leaned in that direction. I am a little sad that she’s like this but it bothers me even more the way the family has now turned against her and made her outcast. I will not do this of course because i believe that family is family no matter what happens and that no matter how had they make it to love them sometimes, you just have to hang in there and be patient with them.
    It still makes me sad though.


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