“How To Love Without Expecting Anything In Return”

Love can be expressed and showed in many ways but the question is, is your love pure enough for you to not expect anything in return from your loved ones?Love is not only to be meant for couples,its for friend,family or anyone that you are close with.I always do adore Shajahan,who builded a beautiful Taj Mahal for his beloved wife,Mumtaj.Did he ever expect anything in return from Mumtaj such as building another Taj Mahal for him to prove her love to him as how he did?Taj Mahal is the prove of existence of unconditional love,which means showing love without expecting anything in return…As u guys realize i m straining a lot on the phrase “showing love without expecting anything in return”,which i will be blogging about today…
To love someone without expecting anything in return is possibly the hardest love to find and to give, as we all require to receive love back. There may be an occasion where we are forced into the kind of situation where this is required. So how can you be the kind of person who loves without expecting anything back? Here are 3 steps which can guide you along the way:

1)Lose your selfishness

It starts with losing our selfishness in what we require from others. It is hard to give to someone love without expecting anything back, but sometimes a situation can deteriorate to such an extent that the other person is incapable of giving anything back to you in return. Maybe their mental condition has taken a turn for the worst, maybe they just find it hard to express love, or maybe they are just not in love with you for some reason, for example. Having an unconditional commitment to someone means loving them despite not ever receiving anything back from them and any selfish desire to receive love needs to be put aside in that situation.

2)Learn to love yourself

Something that can help in doing this, is to learn to love yourself. When you do achieve this, you don’t have to rely on receiving love so much as you fully accept yourself and are content in within your own shell. It’s not to say that you don’t need to receive love, but you are not as needy as others may be.

3)Be committed to them

If you truly love a person, resolve to commit to loving them without expecting anything back. Once you have this resolution, try and stick to it as much as possible and give commit to giving them the time and energy they need. It is extremely hard work and can be quite draining, so give yourself space and time to recharge yourself, so to speak. If they are responsive to your commitment, quite often this can turn them around to loving you in return.

Never experience an unconditional love???Try out the steps i have given to you,this is what i have learned from my boyfriend.But please just bear in your mind,do something with the pure heart,NEVER expect anything in return.That will be the respect we re giving to our love and our loved ones……….=)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. V.M.
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 15:45:14

    Thank you, perfect for what has been going on with me and my relationship. I will do this. Selfishness hard to get over.


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