Reading Taken For Granted?

Reading is a skill that we take for granted.We normally assume that if we are capable of reading,then reading task should be easy to complete.Reading is an active process where we use all the skills needed.The question is are we aware that we need a skill to read first of all?If yes,what are those skills that needed and why do we even need them at the first place?Not to say i m that good in reading,m in a learning process as well.Okay well i know how to read and grab information while i m reading.However,i believe all of us need the right technique to improve ourselves .

Well.let me share some of the knowledge that i obtained from my English teacher about the reading skills.There are two main process which we have to master if we want to be a good reader.


Scanning is a method of covering pages and paragraphs quickly in search of the answer to one question.In a scanning process,you have to decide what you are looking for and in what form it is.Scan for appropriate clues such as capital letters for located names,numbers to pin point statistic or even related word to indicate concepts.For an example,when u read the newspapers,reading the headline of a certain news is like a scanning process whereby you just go through it roughly without reading the full news.Somehow,we will have a rough idea about the particular news.


Skimming is a process that requires you to read only the selected portion of material in order to obtain knowledge of the general ideas and major supporting details.It is a highly selective process requiring intense concentration and constant analysis and integration of those portions of the material that are read.I m getting back to my previous example using the newspaper,if scanning is a process that need u to just go through the news in one go,then skimming will be a process that requires you to read carefully every each words that will give you some sort of information such as the time ,day and place of a certain incident that occur.

Beside these two process,i also have been thought about the SQ3R method as well.What is SQ3R?

To read a textbook chapter effectively, plan a little in advance and follow through with some review and reinforcement. Plunging right in is the worst approach but also the most common. Almost anything would be better, even starting from the back of the chapter and reading toward the front.

Most recommended approaches include elements of the SQ3R Method:

  • Survey: Get an idea of what is involved before starting out.
  • Question: Be actively responsive throughout the process.
  • Read: Read straight through for main ideas without taking notes or stopping.
  • Review: Go back and mark key ideas. Clear up any confusion.
  • Recite: Reinforce understanding and memory by telling the main and essential supporting ideas.

Try reading using these methods,i believe you will start enjoy reading as how i do………


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