Simple Or Bombastic????

Writing blog require you to have a good command of grammar level even if you don’t,by practice,you can somehow improve your grammar level.My grammar is not that perfect either,sometime i can easily get confused over simple grammar usage such as;was and were.However,that doesn’t stop me from writing blog,the more i write,the more i improve my language and at the same time,i also widen my general knowledge on certain issues..

The issue here with me is,should i use some really bombastic words in my post,or just remain using simple words??So far,in my blogs i used simple words and grammar because each time after i get my idea written down in the post,i will let my roommates to check it out and express their comment to me.Its a method that i learnt in SQ3R techniques to improve my english.Since my house-mates consist of multirace (Iban,Kadazan,Christian,Chinese,Indian),eventually their english level is also not that good.But that doesn’t mean i cant ask their opinion on my writing ain’t?Both side will gain the benefits.Thus,i prefer using simple languages to make them understand and get the whole idea on what i’m trying to say.

Perhaps,i should try using some bombastic words also to improve my vocabulary….em…..its time to explore the world of vocabulary-> DICTIONARY……….


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