How To Know If A Guy Is Being True Or Not?

DUHHH!!!….m kinda fed up thinking about love,at a point of time I wish I had a boy friend and a great love like those stories in Disney cartoons..!!Sadly,I can just wish my life but I can’t have it in real..IMPOSSIBLE…Well,today’s post of mine got nothing to do with me but somehow I’m involved in it.A good friend of mine was chatting with me a few hours ago.She was eagerly telling me about this one guy that she got to know from Facebook,how she almost fall for him and then one fine day,she found out he was back to his ex-girl friend..WHAT THE HECK!!…if it was me,I would have screwed him upside down or maybe give him some thousand of slaps and kicks till no one recognize him!!Unfortunately,it was my friends,she took things easy and stop communicating with him.But,as her close friend,of course,i know she still do have feelings on him…

Okay the shocking part,his girlfriend dumped him last sunday!!! and now,u can guess! YES,he wanted back my friend and trying his very best to convince her that this time he is not going back to his ex-girl friend….she consulted me,and honestly I really wanted to tell her,she should dump him back!!!…BUT I can’t,she likes him alot.The way she talked to me as though she need some positive motivation from me…and yeahhh,I told her to do some investigation on him whether if he is really being true to her or not….


Can anyone help me out in this matter..m just too confused…or maybe I guess I have to google it!!!(emmm….eyebrows up*)


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