A Day In My Life…

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart.I switched off the alarm clock and cuddled back within my comforter,tightly hugging my bubu(name for my long pillow)..I couldn’t face the reality,I didn’t want to face it either,it’s too hurting.I couldn’t accept the fact he uttered those words to me.How could he??I seriously do not wish to continue my life after hearing to those sharp killing words.Without grumbling much,I forced myself to got up and straight head in to the bathroom.I turned on the shower and let the cold mix with warm water to shower me.As the water started to drip down from my hair,uncontrollably my tears began to roll down.I could no longer hold it anymore.I felt like screaming out to my top lungs.I wanted to released out all the pressure and pain and stress that I buried deep inside me.I just wanted to have a piece of mind,a crystal clear mind,a total blank mind-nothing I wanted to think about..Everything today seems not right,I went into the car and turned on the radio but I can’t seem to remember a word that went on air.Parked my car at the usual place I used to park,weakly got down from the car while catching on my books at the same time.With a messy mind,I walked into my college hoping to have a better day.I was in the class,not knowing what I’m going to learn.I was having the blur look on me that made the lecturer to question me.I couldn’t answer to her questions.For the first time,I wanted to be alone,alone in an empty room,away from everyone and everything.A word from him has broken me down into a deep shit.How I wished I could turn back the time and stop him from saying those words to me.HOW I WISH….it’s just a wish,I can only wish……..It’s never going to happen…..

I decided to stay strong,no matter what happen.I’m not going to let anyone to break me down ANYMORE,I’m not going to let anyone to take away my DIGNITY..It’s never going to happen..NEVER..!!!


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