Let It All Go..

We all have that some part of a broken heart that can never be fixed,

That some part that no matter how hard we try, we can’t let go,

That some memories will haunt us down till the end of days,

Where that one person that used to mean the world to us will not mean the same anymore;

Ironically isn’t a complete stranger either,

It feels like as if you are completely stranded in the midst of a huge crowd,

You struggle so much to even breathe,

Even though you have the soothing most zephyr caressing your skin away,

So much of suffocation that your moral almost meets extinction,

LOVE a four lettered word,

Way beyond comprehension,

That even confusion isn’t the right word to describe it,

It’s so complicated,

That it’s almost synonymous to the name of the person you once loved,

With all of your heart and soul..


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