Here Comes The Holiday..!

Carousel at Danga Bay

The fasting month or known as month of Ramadhan is going to over in two days time.Eventough I’m not celebrating it but as a MALAYSIAN,I get very excited(yepie yepie hooooo) when there is a festive season appear.My mind is full of plans,plans for my two weeks of holidays(woohooo,pretty long huh).Sad to say,my exam is waiting to knock me down as soon as my holidays end(*slap slap*,forget exam and books for next 1 week)…

So here is my list of plans for my 1 week of holiday:

1) clean my extremely-hell-yeah-dirty room

2)plan my schedule for my exam(I’m still can’t get rid off the word EXAM from my mind,*slap slap* again)

3)art retreat at home -(gosh,it has been hell long since I painted the last)

4)sneak into my wardrobe and check out my outdated clothes (warning sign for me!!I need a shopping,a whole new trendy fashionable clothes for me)

5)Entertain my cousin(erghh,sounds different,so yeah,my cousin coming down from Perak and it’s time to say a BIG YES YES to the world of fun.My cousin is hell off a funny guy)

6)Say goodbye Kuala Lumpur and say good-hi to Johor Bharu(missing my cousins and granny and uncles,planing to visit the Desaru beach,Danga Bay….)

7)Hiking in Bukit Gasing with a bunch of new friends from Facebook(I love hiking and I can’t wait.I’ll upload the pictures in my future post;nature here I come to explore you)

8)Shopping in Global Indian Festival in Midvalley,Kl(although I’m up to this every year but I don’t get bored.Let’s see whats new this year..emmmm)

9)Finally spent some time with my special one(a romantic dinner maybe??)


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