So What I Did For My Holiday?

Mersing Geography

In my earlier post on Here Comes The Holiday,I listed down few plans for my holiday.Ehem Ehem,eventually I managed to fulfill some of it only as it’s really time consuming

So what I did for my one week Raya break??

1)I somehow managed to clean up my room.It looks more organized now.

2)I left to Johor on Wednesday,8th September and supposed to be coming back on Friday,10th…THEY(my uncles and cousins)brainwashed me and forced me to stay until Sunday.At first I was grumbling,however it did turn out to be the most fantastic holiday ever……*my plan for hiking has been canceled*..=(

3)Went to Europark(wondering what it is??.coming soon in my next post)

4)A one day trip to Air Papan,Mersing…(coming soon in my next post together with the pictures)

5)On 12th it was a Vinayagar Charturti Day for indians(something related to indian’s culture and religion).So,we had to go temple at the night.

6)Visited most of my relatives in Johor.

7)Shopping as usual in Singapore,and some malls around Batu Pahat Town.

p/s: will talk about my trip in my next post,together with some not-so-good-quality photos……..


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