Feeling Guilty For Not Blogging??

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Pheww,it has been almost 1 month since the last I blogged and I kinda having the feelings as though I’m not a loyal blogger.Well time is running so fast that I’m having a real hard time in catching it up.

According to some people you have to blog everyday to make more people to read your blog but then I don’t feel it in that way.Personally I feel blogging is more like my hobby,m not too into it but then whenever I’m free,definitely my hands will be reaching up my lappy and get the broadband fixed to start surfing the net…

Besides that,even tough if I have time and got my broadband fixed and bla bla bla……sometimes I will be having the wordpress blog open widely infront of me,getting myself clicking on new post but then,I’ll be out of idea,spending time hours sitting infront of my lappy wondering what can inspire me to write.Terrible huh?So I decided to blog whenever I have something to say out!!!! I really don’t care if anyone read up my blog or not(if they do than its good).It’s just for my own satisfication.

Well,now my situation is getting even more worst.I hardly can ever find time to facebook not to mention blogging.Month of October,has been really a crazy month for me,packed up with assignments,hooked up with research papers and the most hectic part EXAM..Like all other students,cursing down the person who “created” exam will be my part time job.Next month will be the most important month in my life,yesssss…m turning into 21..!!! yepieeeee but but but……its gonna keep me busy,another month to say no for blogging?…=(


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