Facts about GOLD FISH

I love fish!! And I love Gold Fish the most.Their orange gold colour will make them look as though they are glowing especially when their skin reflect the light out.I just bought 2 lil Gold Fish like 2 months back.Well,after few weeks one of my gold fish looks as though it’s dizzy and it was having some trouble to swim around.The saddest part it does not eat at all.I was so curious and tried to help it out but it was to late.So I did some research in internet to safe my another gold fish.

How to detect if your gold fish is sick??

1) It does not eat

2)It will be having trouble to swim and looks as if it can‘t balance out itself.

3)You can see red or black stripes on the body of the gold fish,maybe due to high level of ammonia in water.

4)Does your fish hang out lifelessly at the bottom of your tank? If your fish hardly swims and remains this way, it maybe very ill.

5) It turns white.

How to take care of your Gold fish??

1) Gold fish likes clean water,so do often change your tank water.

2)Soak it’s food in water first before feeding them because if it eats dry food,it might end up having problem with it’s gall balder.

3)Can try giving spinach as gold fish loves it alot.

Interesting facts about gold fish:

1)Gold Fish sleeps with it’s eyes open.

2)Gold Fish does not have stomach.

3)Gold Fish poops alot compare to cats.Fish don’t urinate.

4)Gold Fish can hear.If you call them regularly just before you feed them, they will soon learn that the call means a word no other than food.

5)If you put more than 1 fish in a tank,one fish can bully another.

6)Gold Fish can live up to 10-20 years.

7)Gold Fish loves to eat.But make sure it does not eat more compare to it’s capacity.

My 2 lil Gold Fish

My 2 lil Gold Fish


Photography With Nokia N8!!

Recently my mum bought for me a new Nokia N8.At first I thought it was just some simple phone same function as any other smartphones in the market but eventually it’s much better and I start loving it especially when it comes with 12.0 Megapixels camera..Wohoo…!!

Check out some of the pictures I randomly took with my N8..

The Pink Rose

The Pink Rose

Breast Milk ICE CREAM???

“A restaurant in London’s Covent Garden is serving a new range of ice cream, made with HUMAN breast milk.Can you believe that?The dessert, called Baby Gaga, is churned with donations from 15 women who responded to an advertisement on an online mothers’ forum.One of the women, Victoria Hiley, 35, said if adults realised how tasty breast milk was more new mothers would be encouraged to breastfeed.Each serving of Baby Gaga at costs 14$.A scoop of ice cream served on martini glass to the public.”

I personally feel the whole concept for creating the “new” taste ice cream is pretty disgusting.It’s meant for babies,not humans,get a brain to think human.

The store’s owner Matt O’Connor said;

“It’s pure. It’s natural. It’s organic,and it’s free range. And if it’s good enough for our kids,it’s good enough to use in our ice cream”


Breast Milk Ice Cream
Breast Milk Ice Cream

Check out this video:

Breaking into the career of Marketing Field!

The Marketing Metrics Continuum provides a fra...

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It’s hard to get a job at this time when the economy of the country is not really stable globally.Yet I managed to get a job in a well known company,CIMB BANK.By not having a degree certificate yet in my hand,people started to question me how do I managed to get through it.The answer is so simple,it’s in your hand!

Yes,its in your hand.Well,I’m not saying you don’t need a higher qualification to get a good job,you need it but the most important thing is your passion towards the career field you applied for.As for me,I have a great passion in marketing field and always wanted to be a successful businesswoman since I was a very little girl itself.It runs in the family blood..;)

Thus I applied for the job and got it without preparing much.I was not nervous at all when they did ask me to come up with a role play but it was tough and finally they offered me the position of personal consultant/marketing executive in the bank with a good salary.So this is how my career started in marketing field..

If any of you interested to develop your career in marketing field,ask yourselves few questions……


Marketing field is a challenging field but it is enjoyable and fun if you have the passion for it.

So check out if you have these qualities with you:

1)Are you a hardworking person and a challenger?

2)Can you communicate your thoughts, ideas, and information clearly and concisely both in writing and verbally?

3)Can you handle the pressuring environment to strive for the target sales?

4)Are you a creative thinker who always comes up with new ideas to develop your skills?

5)Can you organize and interpret complex data?

If you possess the qualities above then you could be a good candidate for entering and being successful in the career of marketing. Marketing offers various career opportunities, so it’s easy to choose one that reflects your interest, values, and personal style.


THREE things YOU need to prepare before an INTERVIEW!!


Yes,you might don’t know how important is your resume going to be.Basically,your resume will give a short synopsis about yourself.So,get it done perfectly by downloading some examples of good resume through internet.


When you applying for a job,you need to show certificates related to the field you are applying for.For an example,your SPM/STPM certificates,or if you have diploma/degree certificate.Certificates act as a prove for the important information than you slot into your resume.Thus,NEVER forget to bring your certificates,because if you don’t,trust me you will never get a call back from them.

3) A PEN

YEA,you need a pen!!!This might sound ridiculous but most people who going for an interview will end up asking the employer for a pen to fill up the application form.ERGH,that kinda giving a lil bit of bad impression.So be smart and do carry along a pen with you when you are going for an interview.=)