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It’s hard to get a job at this time when the economy of the country is not really stable globally.Yet I managed to get a job in a well known company,CIMB BANK.By not having a degree certificate yet in my hand,people started to question me how do I managed to get through it.The answer is so simple,it’s in your hand!

Yes,its in your hand.Well,I’m not saying you don’t need a higher qualification to get a good job,you need it but the most important thing is your passion towards the career field you applied for.As for me,I have a great passion in marketing field and always wanted to be a successful businesswoman since I was a very little girl itself.It runs in the family blood..;)

Thus I applied for the job and got it without preparing much.I was not nervous at all when they did ask me to come up with a role play but it was tough and finally they offered me the position of personal consultant/marketing executive in the bank with a good salary.So this is how my career started in marketing field..

If any of you interested to develop your career in marketing field,ask yourselves few questions……


Marketing field is a challenging field but it is enjoyable and fun if you have the passion for it.

So check out if you have these qualities with you:

1)Are you a hardworking person and a challenger?

2)Can you communicate your thoughts, ideas, and information clearly and concisely both in writing and verbally?

3)Can you handle the pressuring environment to strive for the target sales?

4)Are you a creative thinker who always comes up with new ideas to develop your skills?

5)Can you organize and interpret complex data?

If you possess the qualities above then you could be a good candidate for entering and being successful in the career of marketing. Marketing offers various career opportunities, so it’s easy to choose one that reflects your interest, values, and personal style.



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