The Secret-OPRAH

The Secret of life…

How far do you feel good about your life,have you achieved everything in your life?happiness?prosperity??goals?desires?Have you heard about THE SECRET? If yes,how far do you know about THE SECRET? and if no,no worries,its time for you to unreveal the secret of your life,in a simple way,it teaches you to attract universal positive energy to help you accomplish your needs…
I have posted few videos of Oprah interviewing the writers of The SECRET to safe your time to learn and understand more about THE SECRET..







Langkawi through My N8 lense

Never been to Langkawi island?? Then its time to pack up your things for a beautiful mind peaceful holiday getaway in Langkawi Island…Check out the pictures taken with my nokia n8 12 mp camera.. 😉

langkawi-pantai cenang

langkawi-pantai cenang

langkawi-pantai cenang

langkawi-pantai cenang






pulau beras

pulau beras

pulau dayang bunting

pulau dayang bunting

pulau dayang bunting

pulau dayang bunting

Peepz,its just few pictures from me,grab your camera for a breath taking view in langkawi..have fun…

Facts about GOLD FISH

I love fish!! And I love Gold Fish the most.Their orange gold colour will make them look as though they are glowing especially when their skin reflect the light out.I just bought 2 lil Gold Fish like 2 months back.Well,after few weeks one of my gold fish looks as though it’s dizzy and it was having some trouble to swim around.The saddest part it does not eat at all.I was so curious and tried to help it out but it was to late.So I did some research in internet to safe my another gold fish.

How to detect if your gold fish is sick??

1) It does not eat

2)It will be having trouble to swim and looks as if it can‘t balance out itself.

3)You can see red or black stripes on the body of the gold fish,maybe due to high level of ammonia in water.

4)Does your fish hang out lifelessly at the bottom of your tank? If your fish hardly swims and remains this way, it maybe very ill.

5) It turns white.

How to take care of your Gold fish??

1) Gold fish likes clean water,so do often change your tank water.

2)Soak it’s food in water first before feeding them because if it eats dry food,it might end up having problem with it’s gall balder.

3)Can try giving spinach as gold fish loves it alot.

Interesting facts about gold fish:

1)Gold Fish sleeps with it’s eyes open.

2)Gold Fish does not have stomach.

3)Gold Fish poops alot compare to cats.Fish don’t urinate.

4)Gold Fish can hear.If you call them regularly just before you feed them, they will soon learn that the call means a word no other than food.

5)If you put more than 1 fish in a tank,one fish can bully another.

6)Gold Fish can live up to 10-20 years.

7)Gold Fish loves to eat.But make sure it does not eat more compare to it’s capacity.

My 2 lil Gold Fish

My 2 lil Gold Fish

Breaking into the career of Marketing Field!

The Marketing Metrics Continuum provides a fra...

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It’s hard to get a job at this time when the economy of the country is not really stable globally.Yet I managed to get a job in a well known company,CIMB BANK.By not having a degree certificate yet in my hand,people started to question me how do I managed to get through it.The answer is so simple,it’s in your hand!

Yes,its in your hand.Well,I’m not saying you don’t need a higher qualification to get a good job,you need it but the most important thing is your passion towards the career field you applied for.As for me,I have a great passion in marketing field and always wanted to be a successful businesswoman since I was a very little girl itself.It runs in the family blood..;)

Thus I applied for the job and got it without preparing much.I was not nervous at all when they did ask me to come up with a role play but it was tough and finally they offered me the position of personal consultant/marketing executive in the bank with a good salary.So this is how my career started in marketing field..

If any of you interested to develop your career in marketing field,ask yourselves few questions……


Marketing field is a challenging field but it is enjoyable and fun if you have the passion for it.

So check out if you have these qualities with you:

1)Are you a hardworking person and a challenger?

2)Can you communicate your thoughts, ideas, and information clearly and concisely both in writing and verbally?

3)Can you handle the pressuring environment to strive for the target sales?

4)Are you a creative thinker who always comes up with new ideas to develop your skills?

5)Can you organize and interpret complex data?

If you possess the qualities above then you could be a good candidate for entering and being successful in the career of marketing. Marketing offers various career opportunities, so it’s easy to choose one that reflects your interest, values, and personal style.


THREE things YOU need to prepare before an INTERVIEW!!


Yes,you might don’t know how important is your resume going to be.Basically,your resume will give a short synopsis about yourself.So,get it done perfectly by downloading some examples of good resume through internet.


When you applying for a job,you need to show certificates related to the field you are applying for.For an example,your SPM/STPM certificates,or if you have diploma/degree certificate.Certificates act as a prove for the important information than you slot into your resume.Thus,NEVER forget to bring your certificates,because if you don’t,trust me you will never get a call back from them.

3) A PEN

YEA,you need a pen!!!This might sound ridiculous but most people who going for an interview will end up asking the employer for a pen to fill up the application form.ERGH,that kinda giving a lil bit of bad impression.So be smart and do carry along a pen with you when you are going for an interview.=)

22 years old Alviss Kong committed suicide due to relationship failure!

Walaheh,what can I say about this issue?Reading up this kind of issue kinda like refreshing up my exhausted brain.Well,just like few minutes ago I bumped into a lovely couple on the way back to the ward where my room-mate is admitted,and like the next minute,I logged on to my facebook and read a shocking news about this guy who actually committed suicide due to his 4 months old relationship failure.SERIOUSLY,WHAT THE HECK WEY!!Ups and downs in love can lead you no-where!!

Through some reliable source,I found out that he jumped off from a building in Cheras,Kuala Lumpur(that’s my area!!*knocks head hard on wall*) after sending some sort of farewell message to all his friends and family in Facebook.

Here is the message :

“devil bin this is the way how i love,perhaps ppl will think it was crazy

i’ve never tried to put down my pride my dignity my ego-ness on my first ex…but u were totally diff,i put down my pride my dignity my every shit

just to beg u….but i failed…as always im just a failure in a relation

but that’s just me,i’ll only do the things which i think its worth…

will i became ur memory forever ? who knows..since u were already special when the first sight i saw u…

perhaps,u’ll just fucking laugh at me…i bet there’s plenty of ppl will laugh too =) but who cares ?

that’s just me…that’s the way i are….

the last thing

i do appreciate everything about us….u were the light in my life..u given me determination for my future…but everything is gone…i don’t blame u actually…

because 爱情是自由的 ~ so just wish u’ll have ya happy life in d future

ILY & IMY ~ sorry that i couldn’t brings u to walk until the end of the day”

希望你会记得在你的生命中…曾几何时有个一个那么爱你的人出现过 ❤

P/S : Please do not blame her….Im the one who decided this..she’s just the one given me the motivation n courage… my FAMILY,please..i beg of u all,dont ever blame on her…


The Last Photo of Him

The Last Photo of Him

Article about him in chinese press:

Alviss Kong's article in Chinese Press

Alviss Kong's article in Chinese Press

His Last Status Update in Fb:

Scribbles in his blog:

First thing that came across me the moment I read this was,”dam,boy u’re such an idiot”.And of course,who will not for the action he had taken but it’s too late.He is gone!!They said he was under a terrible depression mode that he could not overcome it.The question that has bugged me from just now is,”what is happening to teenagers nowdays?”I am not accusing everyone,it’s just a bunch of them who are just too good in sailing through their emotions without thinking practically.I’m also a 21 years old teen,well adult,and of course I went through this relationship failure ‘thing’ in my life before.I have to admit,it was such a pain in ass.Yes,the thought of committing suicide came across me at that mean of time but I did not allow myself to be carried away by my emotions.My friends and family was my medicine.They cured my pain with their love and care.

I did not fail in my life due to my first relationship failure but oppositely I came out from that emotional void state successfully and now in the process of being a Degree holder soon.I still have my beloved family and friends around guiding me through out my life and not forgetting I’m having someone special already now!..=)

Well,just would like to inform,life is so beautiful that we have to live to experience it.In the case of Alviss Kong,he sacrificed his life for a girl whom he just got to know for four months.Why didn’t he sacrifice his love for his family who showed him love for the past 22 years of his living??Why didn’t he think about his parents or siblings or friends?Is it really worth it for sacrificing his life for this small issue?Man,I have no words to express exactly what I’m feeling but it’s just m worried if there is anymore committing suicide case that I have to come across…Its scary for sure.

What his friends blogged about him:

1)Click here

2)Click here

And I also came across Alviss Kong’s clip in you tube:


I know all of us have been in that stage where we just want to turn off our switch but we have to bear in our mind that all the problems in this world no matter how critical it is will have its solution.We just have to sit and figure it out how we can overcome it.If suicide is a way to solve,then believe me,you can see no humans on earth…

Lastly,some ‘fans’ of him has created a fan page for him in Facebook where you can view all the positive and negative views from the public besides the pictures of Alviss and his love.You may click here to check out that page.

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