The Peacock Drawing


– To draw a peacock is not easy.Its either you need to have a good imagination power or Google for some peacock images.Guess i’m in the second category.LOL.So here is the picture i got it from Google.


-Get a drawing block or any thick cardboard to redraw the peacock.As for me,i bought a thick black cardboard which you can get easily in any bookshops for less than 5$.


-The things needed for the drawing is;

a)thick black cardboard or any simple drawing block.Any size is acceptable according to your wish.

b) get a color pencil/crayons/water colours (use either one that you prefer)

c) clay(yellow&green)

d) glitters(gold&green colour)

e) strong glue(UHU/ELEPHANT)

Step 4

-Using the image that you got from Google,try to redraw it.Take your own sweet time.If it does not turn out to be like the exact picture,dun worry,you can keep on trying or readjust it in your own way.This is how mine turn out to be:

The beginning of the drawing,half coloured


-If you wish to draw some other pictures,you may try but make sure it really suite the drawing.I decided to draw some beautiful pink flower,trying to give the idea that the peacock is standing on a tree branch.Thats my own idea…=)


-Colour after you completed your drawing.i choosed to use colour pencils.


-To give some really nice 3D effect for the picture,you can use the clay.Roll the clay on the floor or any smooth surface,until it is roughly about 15 cm long.Don’t let it to be too thick or thin.


-Spread the glitters on a piece of newspaper and roll the rolled clay once again on the glitters.For my drawing i used yellow clay rolled on gold glitter for the feathers and green clay rolled on green glitter for the leaves.Use strong glue to stick the rolled glitter clay on the cardboard.

CAUTION:Gluing the rolled glitter clay on the cardboard should be done carefully.Or else you will be having a very messy drawing at the end.

So here is how mine turn out to be at the end:

Try it…=)