The Secret-OPRAH

The Secret of life…

How far do you feel good about your life,have you achieved everything in your life?happiness?prosperity??goals?desires?Have you heard about THE SECRET? If yes,how far do you know about THE SECRET? and if no,no worries,its time for you to unreveal the secret of your life,in a simple way,it teaches you to attract universal positive energy to help you accomplish your needs…
I have posted few videos of Oprah interviewing the writers of The SECRET to safe your time to learn and understand more about THE SECRET..







Eyed On A New Book..!

After a very long time I explored my college library once again and found one of this really interesting book….

Dare To Win

Had a slight glance over the introduction and it convinced me that I gonna have a good time reading it……=)

Awaken The Giant Within You

by Anthony Robbins..

Motivational type of books will always be my choice, I will head in to library just to get myself hooked up with those kind of books.Never know why,but I believed those books really will be helping me out when I really need the magical type of help to get over some problems in my life.Problems is just a part of me,well maybe it is for everyone’s life and I always think no one can ever be going through what I am going through.Its normal actually and most people do think it in that way.So,I often will be mingling around in either libraries or bookshops looking for some motivational books,to give myself a drastic energetic energy kind of motivation to boost up myself..wooh!! that made me sound really like someone-who-desperately-in-need-of-help aint?

Well,I was in my college campus the other day just randomly checking out all the books there,mostly medical books of course as I’m in the medical field(doing my pharmacy).So you can see thick huge boring look kind of books everywhere around you and seeing some scenarios of medical students taking “nap” on the book is too ok back to the story,I was in the college and then I bumped into a book with the title,”Awaken The Giant Within You” written by Anthony Robbins.In my thought ,it is going to be another normal motivation books like in the market but yet I borrowed it!

Back then to my hostel,in my room,I started to entertained the book.I was totally impressed with the writer,the introduction itself made me so much into the book waiting for what he going to say next.I was so excited to read his book,it caught my attention.But then I haven’t finish reading it yet and just got myself over the first chapter.Unbelievably,I felt the drastic energetic energy type of motivation that i wanted to have,in me after that,i couldn’t believe myself either.All this while I never really know how to plan stuff,I’m the kind of girl who super-messy-last-minute type.The book was acting like my power source,suddenly felt as though I was charged to full just by reading the very first chapter itself!!!!


I’m going to explain in my very own word the techniques that I learnt in that book……………

1)Plan your goals

What do you want to do in your life,do you want to be a multimillionare?or a succesful doctor?or a graduate??In whatever things you want to get yourself involved,make sure you plan your goals.Let yourself be clear in what do you want to achive.Fix that in you tiny brain!!

2)Believe it

Planning your goals only is not enough to achieve what you want.People are good in planning but they won’t have to spirit in them to go for it.So the next step after planning,get yourself believe that you can do it.Yes you can do it!!NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD…


Planning and believing would not work efficiently without the proper strategy,its like when one of the three leg stool broke…You need the strategy more like steps to achieve it.It does not sound easy of course but without this three thing in you,you can NEVER awaken the giant in you.

That was all about the first chapter,along the book,Anthony Robbins will guide you in how to plan your goal,how to believe it and finally how to make strategies to achieve your goals.


Awaken the giant within you

I’m done with my first chapter,let me finish with the other chapters,if it is possible I will upload other chapter’s summary as well..why not you guys go and get the book and start reading it as well???……..if you think it’s too expensive,go to the national library to look for it…=)