How To Know If A Guy Is Being True Or Not?

DUHHH!!!….m kinda fed up thinking about love,at a point of time I wish I had a boy friend and a great love like those stories in Disney cartoons..!!Sadly,I can just wish my life but I can’t have it in real..IMPOSSIBLE…Well,today’s post of mine got nothing to do with me but somehow I’m involved in it.A good friend of mine was chatting with me a few hours ago.She was eagerly telling me about this one guy that she got to know from Facebook,how she almost fall for him and then one fine day,she found out he was back to his ex-girl friend..WHAT THE HECK!!…if it was me,I would have screwed him upside down or maybe give him some thousand of slaps and kicks till no one recognize him!!Unfortunately,it was my friends,she took things easy and stop communicating with him.But,as her close friend,of course,i know she still do have feelings on him…

Okay the shocking part,his girlfriend dumped him last sunday!!! and now,u can guess! YES,he wanted back my friend and trying his very best to convince her that this time he is not going back to his ex-girl friend….she consulted me,and honestly I really wanted to tell her,she should dump him back!!!…BUT I can’t,she likes him alot.The way she talked to me as though she need some positive motivation from me…and yeahhh,I told her to do some investigation on him whether if he is really being true to her or not….


Can anyone help me out in this matter..m just too confused…or maybe I guess I have to google it!!!(emmm….eyebrows up*)



5 Funniest Advertisements That I Love

Number 5

Number 4

Number 3

Number 2

Number 1

25 Secrets Women Wish Men To Know

I just finish reading a preety fascinating article in net and a thought of publishing it in the wordpress tickled my enjoy reading it(don’t be shock,some truths about women were revealed out here in this article)

Here is the 25 secrets women wish men to know;

1. “Please listen to me. Not because what I’m about to say will rock your world, but because listening is a sign of respect that rocks my world.”

2. “Women speak a different dialect than men. For example, “I’m fine” means “I’m so not fine,” just as “No dessert for me” means “I’ll be polishing off yours.”

3. “Remember, PMS stands for “physical and mental stress.” So let me cry freely, behave irrationally, and eat your dessert. My mood swings are hormonal, not personal.”

4. “Manicures and pedicures are a woman’s gift to her man. I love looking pretty for you. The time to worry is when I stop going for them.”

5. “Always tell me when I look hot; never tell me when I don’t. And don’t forget: I need 20 compliments to offset one thoughtless remark.”

6. “I remember the shirt you were wearing when you first said, “I love you.” The fact that you don’t makes me question whether you meant it.”

7. “I loved you long before I told you. Playing the long game is in a woman’s DNA. We don’t throw a Hail Mary in the first quarter. (And you thought we didn’t know football.)”

8. “Of course you’re the best lover I’ve ever had. All others cease to exist when I fall in love.”

9. “I’ll never tell you my true number. Never, never, never! Besides, see Secret 8.”

10. “I read your horoscope every day.”

11.” I secretly delight when the maitre d’ slips up and calls us Mr. and Mrs.”

12. “Spontaneously kiss my neck from behind, and I might let you stay back there for a while.”

13. “Yes, my girlfriend knows what we did last night. We share everything, including that.”

14. “Make me laugh and I’m happy. Laugh at yourself and I’m all yours.”

15. “A little jealousy is good if (a) no kneecaps are broken and (b) you don’t cross-examine me to exhaustion. The right balance shows you care, and it’s even flattering.”

16. “I don’t withhold sex to punish you. Sometimes I just need to be left alone but, at the same time, not left alone. And no, I can’t explain that.”

17. “I can, will, and do fake it. Like when Gossip Girl is starting. Would you rather I fake a headache?”

18. “I love sex. With or without you, as Bono might say. My mind is filthier than you might think.”

19. “You are irresistible: freshly showered, doing something sporty or strenuous, smiling, charming the old lady from the third floor, suited, reading the business section, DIY-ing . . .”

20. “Do you want flowers?” kills the romantic gesture. Don’t ask, just do.”

21. “I’ll probably be late because I’m preening for you. At least that’s how I reason. My reasoning skills are phenomenal!”

22. “If you cheat, I may not break up with you. But you’ll wish I had.”

23. “I once kissed a girl and liked the taste of her cherry ChapStick. No, I didn’t. That’s your fantasy. Sincerely sorry

24. “Here’s how to fix what you’re doing wrong in bed: When you go slow, go slower. When you go fast, go faster.”

25. “I feel lucky to have you, and I hope you feel the same. You can’t have it all unless you have someone to share it with.”


The Peacock Drawing


– To draw a peacock is not easy.Its either you need to have a good imagination power or Google for some peacock images.Guess i’m in the second category.LOL.So here is the picture i got it from Google.


-Get a drawing block or any thick cardboard to redraw the peacock.As for me,i bought a thick black cardboard which you can get easily in any bookshops for less than 5$.


-The things needed for the drawing is;

a)thick black cardboard or any simple drawing block.Any size is acceptable according to your wish.

b) get a color pencil/crayons/water colours (use either one that you prefer)

c) clay(yellow&green)

d) glitters(gold&green colour)

e) strong glue(UHU/ELEPHANT)

Step 4

-Using the image that you got from Google,try to redraw it.Take your own sweet time.If it does not turn out to be like the exact picture,dun worry,you can keep on trying or readjust it in your own way.This is how mine turn out to be:

The beginning of the drawing,half coloured


-If you wish to draw some other pictures,you may try but make sure it really suite the drawing.I decided to draw some beautiful pink flower,trying to give the idea that the peacock is standing on a tree branch.Thats my own idea…=)


-Colour after you completed your drawing.i choosed to use colour pencils.


-To give some really nice 3D effect for the picture,you can use the clay.Roll the clay on the floor or any smooth surface,until it is roughly about 15 cm long.Don’t let it to be too thick or thin.


-Spread the glitters on a piece of newspaper and roll the rolled clay once again on the glitters.For my drawing i used yellow clay rolled on gold glitter for the feathers and green clay rolled on green glitter for the leaves.Use strong glue to stick the rolled glitter clay on the cardboard.

CAUTION:Gluing the rolled glitter clay on the cardboard should be done carefully.Or else you will be having a very messy drawing at the end.

So here is how mine turn out to be at the end:

Try it…=)

What to Do If You Think You Might Be Losing Yourself

  • If the people you love and trust are telling you they think you’re a disappearing woman, then it may be time to take the blindfold off and listen to what they have said. If you know you’re the kind of woman who has fallen for the wrong kind of man every time, and you are ready to stop the pattern, find a trusted friend or family member to help you out. A therapist can help you identify your patterns of behavior, but it’s really more important to have the support of family and friends, because they’re the ones who are going to be with you.Believe me u can never have anyone as understanding as your parents and good friends because they simply knows how to help you out when you need them..=)

  • Give yourself some space away from your partner. Most women who’ve lost themselves have disconnected from their friends and family. Isolation can be an enemy because it makes you more dependent on your partner. And if there’s any abuse, that will make it easier for your partner to manipulate and control you. Stop the behavior of dependence. Reconnect with your family and friends be with people who will help empower you.Remember to keep in touch with them.Statistic shows many women who are abused my their husband or boyfriend are actually the one who run away from home to stay with their boyfriends(teens nowadays),or the one who not in talking term with their parents.Once the men knows you are relaying on them, they tend to use their power on women…so do keep in touch with your family and friends…=)

  • Take some time to be alone. Some women get so focused on their partner in their minds what he’s doing and what he’s feeling that even when they’re by themselves they cannot find solitude. Disconnect your phone. Turn off the television. Find a quiet activity like journeying or meditation whatever will give you time to connect with how you’re feeling and what’s important to you right now. This is the way to rediscover what you really want out of life.

  • Don’t be afraid to get angry. Most women who’ve lost themselves have lost the ability to connect with their feelings, especially anger. In order to find your voice again, you might need to work on overcoming your fear of expressing your emotions, even the ones that seem negative. Anger will empower and help you separate from your feelings of dependency.
  • Look for healthy relationships that encourage you to have your own life. If you meet a new man and he wants to be with you every night and drops his friends in order to be with you that’s not a good sign. It may feel really good as your brain starts to put on the rose-colored glasses, but if he seems needy now, he may become controlling in the end. You don’t want needy, even if you feel like you do!
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    Simple Or Bombastic????

    Writing blog require you to have a good command of grammar level even if you don’t,by practice,you can somehow improve your grammar level.My grammar is not that perfect either,sometime i can easily get confused over simple grammar usage such as;was and were.However,that doesn’t stop me from writing blog,the more i write,the more i improve my language and at the same time,i also widen my general knowledge on certain issues..

    The issue here with me is,should i use some really bombastic words in my post,or just remain using simple words??So far,in my blogs i used simple words and grammar because each time after i get my idea written down in the post,i will let my roommates to check it out and express their comment to me.Its a method that i learnt in SQ3R techniques to improve my english.Since my house-mates consist of multirace (Iban,Kadazan,Christian,Chinese,Indian),eventually their english level is also not that good.But that doesn’t mean i cant ask their opinion on my writing ain’t?Both side will gain the benefits.Thus,i prefer using simple languages to make them understand and get the whole idea on what i’m trying to say.

    Perhaps,i should try using some bombastic words also to improve my vocabulary….em…..its time to explore the world of vocabulary-> DICTIONARY……….

    Old Is Gold

    The moment where all the year 6 Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Cuepacs(SKTC) sang the song,‘ I HAVE A DREAM ‘ from Westlife for teacher’s day is still fresh in my mind..i was 12 years old then but it was a great moment where all of us had a great time singing the song.Beautiful memories would always remain beautiful as it is.Definitely,every time i hear this song,the old memories will come back,thinking and smiling over it and how i wish i could go back to that time..time machine i need you!!

    Westlife will always be my favourite band….just tought of uploading some song video clips from westlife,the rocking band ever!!


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