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My Favourite Mr Bean Animated Series..

My all time favourite Mr Bean animation series:

Part 1:

Part 2:

My Latest Collection~Sea Shells

The other day I went for a vacation in Air Papan,Mersing beach.Along the beautiful beach,there were many dead seashells.I wouldn’t want to miss the chance of grabbing few back home….



The dead Starfish

The dead Starfish



Actually I collected a box full of seashells.Unfortunately I left those shells in my grandma’s house.I was having the 3 most almost perfect shells with me.Hence,I uploaded the pictures of it.I have decided to make a necklace using the PATELLIDAE SPECIES shell.However,it is not an easy peazy lemon squeeze work.The cleaning process of a seashell requires a skill.

Click Here to learn more about seashells on how to clean it and keep it as a souvenir…….

Memorial of My Lil Hamster

Una hembra de hamster ruso

My hamster looked exactly like him.

He came into our family on 6th September 2010.It was a tiny lil cute creature,dark brown in colour with black strips on it.And we named him Louis…
It was our entertainment for the past one week.My lil Louis was very active during the night and loves to sleep in day time.It loves to eat sunflower seeds and play in his ‘mini playground’.We enjoyed watching him playing all day long…….

But then,we never had a thought that today 13th September 2010 will be his last day on this earth.He died,not because of a disease.He died because he has been killed by my mum’s 8 years old tuition student with a knife.

I don’t know what was in that 8 years old boy’s mind.I could not imagine he is dead.I loved him a lot and I start missing him already.
How could he???The 8 years old boy killed my hamster by stabbing it with a sharp knife.I was out than and when I came back I found my Louis in the water bowl soaked in blood,with its small intestine stretched out from it’s stomach.My tears dropped.I carefully carried it and wrapped it with a newspaper and buried it at the backyard.

I could not get angry with the lil kid.After all,he is 8 years old.He might did not realize what he had done.

I didn’t even have a picture of him.However,he will always be in my heart.Yes,I lived with him for 1 week only but then,it somehow became a part of me..sigh*

The video clip I uploaded from you tube reminds me of my lil Louis.I will always love you…….

4 Steps To Remove Black/White heads

When I was 17 years old,I used to have this super duper crystal clear face,shiny,hardly can ever find any pimples or blackheads on my face.My friends used to be jealous of my skin.Well,that was long time ago.And now,my face is oily with uncountable amount of pimples and black/white heads.Couldn’t find the exact reason of what causes the sudden change to my skin.Most probably,its due to my eating habits and living environment.I had tried various kind of creams but yet it did not stop.

One of my cousin sister taught me a simple way to remove black/white heads and on how to prevent it and she even demonstrated it on my face,well it really works..

So here is the 4 simple steps:

1)Wash your oily face with any facial foams.Better if you use a facial foam that remove excessive oils and dirt from face.Wipe your face with a clean towel.

wash face with clean water

wash face with clean water

2)Apply Cosway Black head Remover Lotion on your face.Let is dry for a few seconds.This blackhead lotion will moisten the skin surface and loosen the pores so that the black/white heads can be removed easily.

Bioglo Blackhead Lotion(cosway)

Bioglo Blackhead Lotion(cosway)

3)Use any safety pins or cotton swap and gently press along the black/whiteheads area to remove it.Do it all over the face especially at the T-ZONE area.

blackhead tool

blackhead tool

Removed blackhead on the face

Removed blackhead on the face

4)Wash your face again with any facial form and continue with applying toner and day/night cream


~Do/Dont’s if you have an oily pimple skin:

  • Avoid from eating deep-fried oily foods
  • Avoid from exposing your skin too much to the UV light and dusty environment
  • Take in at least 7 glass of clean mineral water
  • Consume healthy foods like vegetables,fruits,oats..
  • Always clean your face with toner,and apply moisturizer
  • Try out some home-made facial mask
  • Eat a tablet of VITAMIN C or try drinking REDOXON VITAMIN C(SOLUBLE IN WATER) juice everyday for a healthy skin

CLICK HERE to read more on Black/White heads.

So What I Did For My Holiday?

Mersing Geography

In my earlier post on Here Comes The Holiday,I listed down few plans for my holiday.Ehem Ehem,eventually I managed to fulfill some of it only as it’s really time consuming

So what I did for my one week Raya break??

1)I somehow managed to clean up my room.It looks more organized now.

2)I left to Johor on Wednesday,8th September and supposed to be coming back on Friday,10th…THEY(my uncles and cousins)brainwashed me and forced me to stay until Sunday.At first I was grumbling,however it did turn out to be the most fantastic holiday ever……*my plan for hiking has been canceled*..=(

3)Went to Europark(wondering what it is??.coming soon in my next post)

4)A one day trip to Air Papan,Mersing…(coming soon in my next post together with the pictures)

5)On 12th it was a Vinayagar Charturti Day for indians(something related to indian’s culture and religion).So,we had to go temple at the night.

6)Visited most of my relatives in Johor.

7)Shopping as usual in Singapore,and some malls around Batu Pahat Town.

p/s: will talk about my trip in my next post,together with some not-so-good-quality photos……..

Namewee Was Questioned,Racist Principal Was Promoted!!

Seriously what the heck is going on with this country??…….


Namewee@Wee Meng Chee was born in 1983 in Muar,Johor.He is a graduate of Mass Communication from Ming Chuan University.He gained his popularity after releasing a song video clip about the government and people in Malaysia with the title,NEGARAKUKU (Physco country) on July 15,2007.

Here is Namewee’s clip on NEGARAKUKU:

Upon to release of the video,Namewee was contacted(he was in Taiwan at that time) and he clarified that the song was merely reflecting satirical social commentary of life in Malaysia as himself as a local Chinese, and added humorous remarks solely for the pleasure of the Chinese community.

Later on,Malaysian found it offensive and he was issued for a public apology.

Here is the video clip when he was interviewed by the Taiwan Tv:

Namewee’s apologize was released in media.Check out the local article about it,Sunsurf.

Latest controversial video clip from Namewee:

This particular video clip from Namewee,caused the Prime Minister of Malaysia to comes up with a statement whereby stern actions will be taken on anyone or any website that insult Islam or the government.


‘SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’s principal,Pn Hjh Siti Inshah bt Mastor made a racist speech out of indians and chinese students in that school during the perhimpunan time(morning call).’

One of the school’s 16 years old student’s statement:

UMNO SMK school headmaster’s racist remarks. Malay-sian police refuse to allow police report.
August 14, 2010


I’m a 16-year-old student from SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra,Kulai.I was very offended by the speech that was given by our school principle on the”pelancaran hari kemerdekaan”she raised many discipline matters but the way she said it was a great shock 2 us. Even the teachers are offended she used certain phrases such as india balik india cina balik cina,wearing sami strings r like dog collar if u add on a bell n also various others 2. We have also organised a press conference on saturday 14 August 2010.We are trying 2 do everything possible when our parents went 2 the police station 2 launch a report the school pengetua was already there and the policemen kept asking our parents 2 talk and sort this out, they did not accept the complaint that was handed in by our parents. In this kind of case we feel un secure and offended. this can lead the students in racial fights and even more. As a student we try to be unite and follow the theme of 1 Malaysia if this is the situation there are no point of saying 1 Malaysia the principle should be a role model of the school and for the students but this is not the proper way of a speech. This doesn’t show any characteristic of a moral value. Please sir, we need all the help we can get we would be
grateful if there was something that sir can do to help us.

Thank you.

SMK.Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Kulai, Johor.

What the heck,what are these people having on their mind?And there is no any stern action taken on this alleged racist culprit with her expletives.Authorities said they will investigate on this problem but then there is no any action taken.Why didn’t the principal issued with public apology as how they did to Namewee?And how about those words uttered by the deputy prime minister,zero to tolerance on racism??It’s a usual practice of the UMNO people.These people are racist.This country is full of bullshit.

And not forgetting,through a reliable force I found out that the principal from Kulai is now working in the Johor State Education Department. So if someone utters seditious statements, they are actually feted and given promotions.Note:Only if you are a malay…..

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